Richard Gilkey "Samish Landscape, Edison Valley"


Leo Kenney
"Formation IV - New Center, 1966"
16 x 16 inches

Leo Kenney
"Seed and Beyond IV, 1968"
23 x 23 inches

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Richard Gilkey "Skagit Granary"

Leo Kenney

A seminal figure in the second generation of Northwest School artists, Leo Kenney was, like many of his contemporaries, largely self-taught. He was set apart from his peers, however, by his prodigious rise to notoriety with a solo exhibition at the age of nineteen -- far younger than even the most well-recognized artists of the period. By the following year, Kenney's work was to be found in the permanent collection of the Seattle Art Museum, and was being exhibited at galleries and museums from Los Angeles to New York.

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Leo Kenney "Summer Structure, 1965"
Leo Kenney "Formation IV, New Center 1966"

Leo Kenney
"Demon, 1965"
10 x 8 inches

Leo Kenney
"Summer Structure, 1965"
12 x 9 inches